Sep 20, 2011

work off


on the way to the station..

that was long long day

Sep 2, 2011

my lens got smashed

This is the last picture before my lens got smashed on the street in Shibuya...

Aug 23, 2011


the one of great photographer took picture of me with my D300

thank you

Jul 31, 2011

Day Tripper

Nikkormat - fuji natura1600

Hey its summer
I couldn't eat anything for these days because of maybe heat sick but now I'm ok,
we gotta enjoy :D
let me know if you find interesting thing!!

See ya!

"Got a good reason
For taking the easy way out
Got a good reason
For taking the easy way out, now

she was a day tripper
One way ticket, yeah
It took me so long to find out
And I found out"

Jul 30, 2011

the time is out of joint

Aus den Fugen

Jul 4, 2011


U-tough with my friend
Nikkormat with my friend
Nikkormat at Kanagawa
D300 at Nippori station

Jun 29, 2011

the place I used to live

Panasonic or something.. dont remember (from a small hole on the antique car parking board)

this is the place I used to live

busy busy busy as usual n I'm thinking where I'm going in this summer
camping sounds nice


TRI-X at Tokyo station


I like picture of tube or subway

sleep soon



Jun 21, 2011



he said that he was beat up, difficult to sleep every nights without sleeping pill.

she spoke about her ground father's end

he was trying to find his son with stick

she said that she texted her boyfriend thousand times but didn't never get one back

she spoke to me all her co-workers were okay with big smile and sometimes with shaking voice like almost cry

still and all., we don't stop to pray in our way

May 24, 2011


D300 at somewhere except Tokyo

D300 cat





May 20, 2011

excess stress

Nikon D300 at Shibuya

Why I can't be nice

long time no see

Hi! It's been a while..
How are you

I was a bit lazy on this blog but will update more often from now as I'm back.
This is what happened to me while I was disappeared from this blog

Big earthquake

depressed in a way

Stay at the disaster place for couple of days for work

met new people

Heard many sad stories

My birthday

Up to north again

Short trip

meet friends

big smile



feel pressure of my life

Saw many cool cars

Happy for this warm weather

My Mac PC is not with me now so I will try to upload some pics later in few days.

See you soon,
Take care and good photos,


Mar 9, 2011


Fuji 400, double exposure
Tri-X Nikkormat

I'm becoming one year older in this month.
I've never thought about my birthday seriously until this time since I used to prefer normal day (and still I do.)

I have met many nice unique people and they always keep bringing me up. I really appreciate that to them. Thank you very much. Arigagtou for giving me new experience.

I'm kinda slow person and clumsy i admit. So sometimes I get dislike myself comparing with those great talented people.
But see, I can keep running like I did.

I tried to run as much as I can in my life. couldn't look back so much because I was too focusing living in currently life. Its like just run and run n run... as there was no other way to do
that maybe because I ditched old my life prior to 15 yeas old., I don't know. whatever..

Then have you ever wondered how many flowers are grown up on your footmark that you have made in your life.

that we do now is not wasting at all, right

Mar 5, 2011


It's a nice day!
just enjoy every scenes of the day

have a good weekend :)

Feb 6, 2011


D300 Nikon



Jan 24, 2011

second crisis

TRI-X 400

Judee Sillの曲とお酒で酔ってる場合じゃないですね

Oh btw, Happy late new year!!

So.., New Year's resolution.. What's your goal.
For me, I really want to be better person more than last year.
be more sweet, nice and being a mature person.(本当にいつまでも子供っぽすぎる)
say what i want to say, dont hold inside of me.
be honest, trust people more with unneeded doubt and dont be afraid too much.
confront human in person, (I mean my photographs always no people. but, even tho no one in the picture you can feel some people in my picture. its like from chair, standing alone telephone..) but this time i try to face people more. i do try.

oh, thats too many. can I make it?
Yes i can.

i was rest last year, trying not to do anything. just rest and rest n rest...
lazy.. haha
my mind and body is resurrection. I hope :p
now I can taste water, have time to see the moon changing, i can cry with music and feel that i want to create something and i do.

Thank you for my friends. and im sorry if i hurt you so much last year while im dumb

Happy new year to you all !!!!