May 24, 2010

It's raining again!

nikkormat at lake town

It's raining today, again.
もう梅雨? 梅雨ってやだなぁ

I don't like rain if I have to open an umbrella but I like rain if I can walk around without an umbrella so, maybe I really don't like umbrellas, not rain - It doesn't matter if I get wet by rain without my umbrella.
... because I can not open my umbrella properly.傘ってうまくさせないよー
It bothers me always, anytime.

I saw a guyおじさん before, at the station, who can manipulate his umbrella well on the direction of the wind, rhythmically.
He didn't seem to get wet at all. cool.

Let me think about this a little deeply. don't you think It's like a system in a great society?
nahh never mind. thinking too much sometime.

Anyways.. I like be in water even though I can not swim.

how do you spend on a rainy day


" There is a heaven, but nobody ever gets there. You die and your spirit rise up to the sky. As soon as it touches the cloud, it turns into rain. So nobody has ever seen heaven... So, if people end up in heaven, then I guess, now, we are in the heaven." by swallowtail (the phrases that I often remember on a rainy day)

May 13, 2010


I skipped violin lesson today :-)

May 12, 2010



I'm sitting here to write this blog for couple of mins but nothing comes up to my head.
no words. making some words is tough to me.
taking picture is a lot of easier than making words when I feel strong emotion and want to air this out.

one of my friends Miwako introduces a great video on her blog.
she has good eyes, she always find something new and interesting stuff.

May 7, 2010

something is happening that is not happening

Nikon D70

something is happening which is not happening at all

May 3, 2010



my violin concert was finished. I made some mistakes in a play but it didn't matter at all, I was fan.

so tired for many things recently. life is not so easy.

I gotta go to sea again.

then I will be ok.

I cant wait new iphone btw!

getting sleepy. i hope all people have a good night.