Mar 9, 2011


Fuji 400, double exposure
Tri-X Nikkormat

I'm becoming one year older in this month.
I've never thought about my birthday seriously until this time since I used to prefer normal day (and still I do.)

I have met many nice unique people and they always keep bringing me up. I really appreciate that to them. Thank you very much. Arigagtou for giving me new experience.

I'm kinda slow person and clumsy i admit. So sometimes I get dislike myself comparing with those great talented people.
But see, I can keep running like I did.

I tried to run as much as I can in my life. couldn't look back so much because I was too focusing living in currently life. Its like just run and run n run... as there was no other way to do
that maybe because I ditched old my life prior to 15 yeas old., I don't know. whatever..

Then have you ever wondered how many flowers are grown up on your footmark that you have made in your life.

that we do now is not wasting at all, right

Mar 5, 2011


It's a nice day!
just enjoy every scenes of the day

have a good weekend :)