Nov 12, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle♪

This is my bicycle and I don't use much this bicycle. That's why it is in my apartment now. I really like it, though..
I live in near the station, so I don't have chance to ride on.
When it was brand-new, I used to go to next station riding my bicycle.
My bicycle tires are small size as you see, I was getting tired to go to next station riding my bike, then I quit it.

Well.. now I feel like I want to ride on my bike.
I'm not a big fun of winter, maybe cold winter air will bite my cheeks, but I want to enjoy winter in one way or another ;)

Nov 11, 2008

Nikon D70 Sensor Cleaning

I'm sure you can see many dust in this bird shot beacause the CCD of my camera was dusty when I took this shot.
So, I went to Nikon workshop at Shinjyuk to clean it up.
Nikon workshop is at 28th floor in the "L tower" building in Shinjyuku. I was on the job-training at the L tower before, but I didn't know that Nikon workshop was there.

Cleaning didn't take so long time, I could get it for only one hour and half.
(the Loe Pass cleaning price was 1000 yen.)
And The view from Nikon shop was nice.