Nov 12, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle♪

This is my bicycle and I don't use much this bicycle. That's why it is in my apartment now. I really like it, though..
I live in near the station, so I don't have chance to ride on.
When it was brand-new, I used to go to next station riding my bicycle.
My bicycle tires are small size as you see, I was getting tired to go to next station riding my bike, then I quit it.

Well.. now I feel like I want to ride on my bike.
I'm not a big fun of winter, maybe cold winter air will bite my cheeks, but I want to enjoy winter in one way or another ;)

Nov 11, 2008

Nikon D70 Sensor Cleaning

I'm sure you can see many dust in this bird shot beacause the CCD of my camera was dusty when I took this shot.
So, I went to Nikon workshop at Shinjyuk to clean it up.
Nikon workshop is at 28th floor in the "L tower" building in Shinjyuku. I was on the job-training at the L tower before, but I didn't know that Nikon workshop was there.

Cleaning didn't take so long time, I could get it for only one hour and half.
(the Loe Pass cleaning price was 1000 yen.)
And The view from Nikon shop was nice.

Oct 17, 2008

I do..

I have to take a test at my company soon, so I do only studying and working, thats my bored life recently.
I want to take a trip to Moscow after the test. but I don't know.
It's too much cold for a trip to Moscow in winter time, isn't it?

Oct 6, 2008


I'm really hungry.

Sep 6, 2008

Stir it up!

"Stir it up; little darlin', stir it up. Come on, babe.
Come on and stir it up: little darlin', stir it up. O-oh!"

hey guys, thats my favorite song.
i listen to it when i am down.
oh.. i also eat hot, hot food when im in like that feeling.
this is kinda challenge for... ah.. for what ? for sad, ugly, terrible feeling, maybe.

the hot food makes my rips color red and it hurts me actually.
this is a serious battle.
when you got win on this fierce battle, your 50% bad mood will be gone with a lot of sweat eating hot food.

you can feel cool breeze after that.
and you are full.
then your 30% bad mood should be gone away!


you know already,

THE THING we really have to face up to IS only 20 % bad mood.(50+30=80 100-80=20!!)

Lets eat hot foods !!!

ha! this video depicts my life right!!

ha! this video depicts my life right!!

Feb 12, 2008

sigur ros 2

This is also nice.

It makes me think a lot..!

Feb 11, 2008


A couple of days ago, I added more memory to my MacBook(1.0GB×2)
and it's been running smoothly.

Feb 10, 2008

sigur ros

I like Sigur Ros
Their PVs are also fantastic.

Maybe some of my photos are influenced by this artists work.

Recently I'm taking pictures a lot.
I am holed up in my photo world.
Say "hi" to everyone for me and tell them I'll be back soon.


I like branches because it looks like brain capillary.
I took it near my school.

Feb 6, 2008


I collected iPods from my classmates.
My old iPod was stolen at Istanbul in Turkey.
My second one is the 5 generation.

Now, I want iPhone, but we can't use it in Japan yet.
toooooo bad :(

Feb 3, 2008


This is one I took at a restroom in my favorite French restaurant.
In a restaurant, layout of restroom is very very important as foods served for me.

I like this restroom!

Jan 25, 2008

What is original Art?

I went to the Art space "SCAI THE BATHHOUSE" with my friends after finish my class.

There were some video works which was create by Apichatpong Weerasethakul who is Thailander.(yeh.. actually It's difficult name to pronounce)

I always check the restroom whenever I go to some art space or restaurant. My friends say that THAT's my strange habit.
Anyway, I took a picture of restroom. 
There was a bulb behind the toilet. The massage was under the bulb.

It says...

" 'There will be a time when we exist only as replicas of replicas.' he said. "

Hmmm... Interesting.

What is original?
It's makes me remind the word "First come, first served"

Jan 16, 2008

MacBook Air

Apple introduces
MacBook Air as "world's thinnest notebook."

First time when I saw it on internet, I thought "oh, that's 
amazing! Thanks Apple!"
But soon, I was kinda disappointed about its spec.
There is only one USB port, slow 1.8 GHz processor and mono speaker on the MBA.
It doesn't even have a disk drive.

What can I do??
it can't be main machine.

Someone says that it doesn't matter cuz it's so thin. We can use for sub machine.

But hey..! we can use iPhone or iTouch instead of it if you want to do only internet on your bed or somewhere.
I think it's too big using for sub machine.

And that's pretty expensive I think.
13-inch 1.8GHz is $3,098,00!!

but...BUT! Apple TV Ad makes me feel like shopping it!

I'm sure there is Apple magic power.
I know I'm....kinda stupid X(

Well, what do you think?