Nov 29, 2009

my cup of tea

I take pictures with my kiev 60 recently in my private time not work as I got this camera newly so I gotta test how it works.
Then I realized that I prefer 35 mm film not 120 mm it's just because square format makes me confused. I mean square format is not enough to get my imaginations in my head. my imaginations for pictures are in my head like a film/movie, its existing already in a movie screen so it's difficult to change to square way. it's inflexible, isn't it?

Ahh.. The winter season is almost there. I will definitely freezing out as soon as it comes around.
It's okay, I'm fine, let's enjoy this. Also, the photographs in the winter season brings me really artistic.
Do we have a chance of snow in Tokyo in this year? ?

And, my cocoa in a cup has gone cold now. I think I should go to bed.
I have same dream recently again and again and again.. I hope I can dream it ones again tonight because somebody said its a good sign.

I wish I could