Dec 26, 2010

no woman no cry

iPhone4 + one of old range finder camera

Many artists have a dark side that helps to create their works. it's just like sadness, angriness, self hatred that or loneliness which feels even you are with someone.

Dec 24, 2010

the road to our own

Nikon D300

i got a bad cold
annoyng. many coughing and stuffy nose.

I dont like being sick or dont like people look at me being sick.
i think almost everyone does, right? you want to be looked like alright especially in front of your family, your favorite friends and your lover etc.. me to.

I wanted to spend new year time in thailand then I looked for some tickets at agency today but pretty expensive in this season :(

Did i tell you why I dont want to be here in Japan in this season?
because many damn events are here. but why thai is okay? maybe because warm climate ;-p
Christmas here in Tokyo is crazy in many ways.

my cough again.... maybe its time for bed

Anyway.. hope to enjoy your holiday!

Dec 21, 2010

the work of Chris Cunningham

This advert was directed by Chris Cunningham.
one of my favorite film director. Some of his films are little creepy in a cool way (this ad on this youtube is not creepy at all tho) so it's good to see that when you feel down or frustrating for some reason then you can feel like you found a nice thing to have a sympathy with you.

smile :)

Dec 10, 2010

just relaxing


I like Yoyogi park as everybody there is so relaxing, no rush even tho its on daytime on weekday in Tokyo.
People are doing what they want to do. screaming, sleeping, play instrument, dub badminton( they actually dont care even tho they can not play well - just enjoying) .. nobody care what they do.
dont get pay attention, you can being natural thats why i like Yoyogi park.

They don't ask "where are you from" " what do you do" whatever..
sometimes we need NOT to get pay attention to be ourself i guess and in another way we can say same thing to opposite way tho
we need to get pay attention to be ourself or making sure who we are.

strange tho.

thats human i guess

Dec 2, 2010

a glass of water and my fricking cool lovely shoes


I want to play with camera.

I want to! so let me play with camera, please.

OK I do whatever you say!